What I Can do For You

What I can do for you is pretty simple: I can help you see where your money is going and help you maximize your profits and tax returns. 

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Virtual Bookkeeping Services

One Time Services

  • Clean up or Catch up
    • collection of all documents and receipts
    • recording and categorization of all financial transactions
    • preparation and review, via video or recording, of main financial reports 
  • Setup
    • initial setup in Quickbooks Online
  • Training
    • guide to Quickbooks Online and how to use it

Ongoing Monthly Services

  • Document collection
  • Recording and categorization of transactions
  • Preparation and review, via video or recording, of main financial reports

Other Virtual Services

Bill Pay Services

  • Entry and tracking of business bills

Invoice Services

  • Creation and distribution of invoices to customers
  • Tracking and entry of payments from customers
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