Professional Bookkeeping Services

Jessica Meyers

Stop worrying about your financials. Focus on what you love about owning a business.


What I do

Do you throw all of your receipts in a shoebox or file and hand them to your tax preparer when you’re ready to file your taxes?

Do you only know if you’re making more than you’re spending because your bank account doesn’t hit zero?

Do you want to understand more about your business financials?

Bookkeeping Services

  • Clean-ups or Catch-ups
    • Get all of your income, expenses, and liabilities recorded in one place
  • Recording and categorization of bank and credit card transactions
    • Stop shoving receipts in a drawer or shoebox
  • Preparation and review of main financial reports
    • Get an overview of where your money is going so you can determine if it could be better spent or saved

Additional Services

  • Payroll assistance
  • Bill pay assistance
  • Invoice assistance
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Why Choose Me

Accurate Record Keeping


I value your time and will respond within 24 hours

Hard Working

I will do everything I can to help you and your business

24/7 Availability

Do not hesitate to reach out whenever you need help at no extra cost